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The editorial team of the Omegist here invites “the voices of the voiceless” to share with us your skill, expertise, knowledge, experience, and wisdom on the following globally important topics:


Yoga and Meditation


Food and Nutrition

Life Style


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Wise people across the world have informed us that there are many great experts on these topics who have not found a platform to express and share their ideas for the general welfare of the people of the world. So please feel free to help us spread your expertise without any prejudice.

If your submission is accepted by the editorial team of the Omegist, your article will be published in our site with your photo name and other details. Our editorial team will be solely responsible for error correction and improvement of your article which will be sent to you before publication; of course, we expect you to check for plagiarism before submitting your article to us.

Please follow the following instructions to unite with us:

  1. Put the title of your piece in the subject line and the full text in the body of the email and attach the Word file.
  2. Write down all the sources of statistics used in your piece, include links to those sources. Use links to review scientific papers and academic journals.
  3. Include your bio with a smart photograph, highlight your credentials in the space including where you are trained, any books you have written, or publications you have presented. If you have written from the core of your brain without taking support from elsewhere, no need to refer anything, naturally.

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