Role of Endorphin in Body Mind Soul Balance

By : Dr. Subhasish Chakrabarty Raychaudhury | : 17 February, 2021
Role of Endorphin in Body Mind Soul Balance

Role of Endorphin in Body Mind Soul Balance

Learn the techniques of optimum release of Endorphin from the body through Yoga, Meditation and Happiness for control of pain and diseases.

Endorphinsare chemical substances thoseareprimarily produced in hypothalamus and pituitary glandand acts on the nervous system which relieves pain or stress. It varies from man to man.Pain sensation makes us aware about our body and its structure as a protective measure. So, our concentration is focused on our body. The effects of endorphins are like opioids containing morphine. In the 1980s, scientists studied and found that the body has special receptors that bind to opioids to block pain signals. The body has natural opioid acting on same receptor with outcome of the same effect. The name Endorphin comes from the words “endogenous” which means “from inside of the body”, “internal” and “morphine,” which is a pain reliever like opioid. Natural endorphins work similarly as opioid but here results may not be dramatic. However,natural endorphins from within the body can produce an “optimum dose” that is both healthy and safe, without the risk of addiction and overdose.

At the same time, low endorphin levels have been linked to depression and headache. Fibromyalgia causing chronic pain, muscle stiffness, insomnia is observed where endorphin level is low (1).

Boosting of Endorphins level can be achieved by the following:

Nerve system

Regular Exercise:

Regular exercise has been found to help to combat anxiety and depression due to release of endorphins and removes lactic acids in fatigue muscles. With new imaging technology, researchers have observed using PET(positron emission tomography) on athlete’s brains before and after exercise and found release of endorphin after exercise. For this reason, medical experts advice regular exercise that cures depression and brings feeling of wellbeing by releasing endorphins after 30 minutes.


Pleasure from Voluntary Donation:

When we donate something to poor person, we think ourselves as king. This is due to hidden ego within us. A pleasure develops and endorphin level rises. Repeated donations will teach us that we all are same. We are donating the articles or money which was not with us at the time of our birth. We are donating those which were already present on this earth. After realization of this fact, more endorphins will be produced.The feeling for other is most important. More release of endorphins causes more sense of true love within and at times that will come out to shower on others.


Yoga and Meditation:

Yoga literally means Union, Yoke with Atman/Soul. Meditation triggers release of endorphins that improves mood, increases ability to cope with illness. Presence of body sense is reduced by diminishing all pains and stresses while concentration is increased. With increased concentration more endorphins are produced in central nervous system with development of unexplainable extraordinary sensations. This gives more energy and pleasure for practicing meditation. Gradually, our body becomes relaxed and steady.Realization of soul (Atman) leads us to perceive the fundamental purpose of life which gets blossomed gradually afterwards with the continuity of Yoga Meditation Concentration.


Enjoying Foods by Choice:

Good taste of food stimulates satiety center of brain and as a result,more endorphins are released.We should always enjoy every food particle what are offered to us irrespective of what our tongue suggests. It is undoubtedly better to be guided by scientific choice rather than by the tongue. Good foods when taken, elevation of mood is observed where endorphins play its role from behind. Killing of an animal for our food will increase the cruelty in us. So, this should be avoided as far as possible. On the other hand, we are killing trees and using as our food, but we do not feel any pain for them as they have no voice to protest it. It is true that when farmers produce something which did not exist before, there is no unethical acts by consuming it. Similarly, when we produce fish or meat by farming, there is nothing wrong in it. On the other hand, we kill birds living in Nature, or catching fishes from ocean and rivers which are not produced by us, these are surely acts of crimes and injustice against Nature. But the tragedy is that there is full proof law against these acts of crime.So, what next? Some Hindu people chant the shloka before eatingwhich, even if ritualistic, may be meaningful.

Some such slokas are

“BrahmarpanamBrahmahaviBrahmaagnauBrhamanaahutang, BrahmaivaTena GantavyamBrahmakarmaSamaadhinaa”

(from Jnan (knowledge) Yoga of The Bhagwat Gita, Sanskrit). This means to whom we are offering, what we are offering i.e., butter (like Brahman) to our body, who is offering, the instruments and fire (Homagni (fire) as Brahman), the process is universal job of Brahman, and everything goes to the Soul (Brahman). So there is no difference between two objects or subjects i.e.,Atma and Brahma.



Smiling and laughing reduce stress by releasing endorphins. Half an hour of pure comedy with a group of friends boosts endorphin level. We should take care not to hurt anyone while making jokes.



Only listening to music can promote good feeling and improve mood; musical performance andgood lyricare more likely to boost endorphins than listening to music alone. Music means not only combination of synchronized tune and style of presentation, but lyric also has a vital role along with compositionto touch the heart and functioning of the brain as well as our nervous system.

“Music is the easiest way to reach and communicate with the Almighty God, Nature.”


Sun Light:

Ultraviolet radiation from the Sun can also boost the endorphin level along with vitamin D, serotonin (Neurotransmitter) and melatonin (a hormone released by pineal gland at night, associated with control of the sleep – wake cycle) production, in good amount only in 15 minutes exposure to Sun light.



Massage therapy relieves stress and help release endorphins. Massage therapy is popular in Japan, Korea, and in some European countries. It is also very popular in many parts of India now.



Joyfulness,pure love etc.  are the catalysts for releasing endorphins. In Hinduism,Bhakti Yoga (Devotion) is focused on loving devotion towards any personal deity that leads to freeness or“Moksha”(in Sanskrit) which should be the goal.



Smell of lavender, rose or any good aroma can stimulate central nervous system to producehappiness and a good amount of endorphin to release (2).

In addition, normal healthy conjugal life can help through collective feeling in production of endorphins which is beneficial for mind and health and not unfair;again, endorphins are released in response to pain or stress,expressed in “HealthLine” by Jacquelyn Cafasso (3).

As freeness of mind gives enough space for meditation and satisfaction. Some styles of seating posture with opposite sex described in Hindu and Buddhist literature which are not abnormal rather healthy and relax mind and body by releasing endorphins. As endorphins are released, the pain sense of body goes away, and unlimited pleasure develops from within. Peace in mind releases endorphins.Mood elevation removes depression due to increment of endorphins which again elevates mood as a derivative cycle. We think Lord Shiva takes addictive substances so thatHe remains silent with red eyes but due to tough and prolong meditation huge amount of endorphins brings calmness and make the person as if drunk/ addicted.But in that condition, they remain intranscendent mode where microcirculation of blood is improved and eyes become redand remainsin complete awarenesswith sleep (Yoganidra, i.e., meditative sleep) that a normal person cannot even imagine.

In this relation, we should keep in mind about the difference between Atman (soul) and Brahma (universe). Just think an empty pot in a space. The content in and out of the pot is same. Only the wall of the pot separates the two. This is nothing but the body which is a barrier of ego that differentiates the two.Release of endorphin brakes the pot of ego and exposes the true light of the Universe and it is only possible with meditation, meditation, meditation……..



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